Zsoon Global – unique concept for e-bike rental

At last a real user friendly solution! Zsoon has namely made the e-bike intelligent

What is Zsoon?

Zsoon now has the very first e-bike adapted for commercial purposes.

The concept consists of the fact that the e-bike now has been given a digital platform providing you as operator to sell advertising, user experiences and services in a completely unique extent. 

Zsoon e-bikes are equipped with an app breathing user friendliness.

The app is the concepts ‘hub’ and is simple with a high security standard.

We are only using the most established players like Braintree which provide you as an operator to guarantee payment and ensures that your customers recieve their orders and paid services.

The app is today available for Android 4.0 and above. Apple iOS is in final testing.

What do you get as an operator?

As an operator you are a part of Zsoon’s innovative concept that, among other things, will bring you the following: 

Increased profitability 

With Zsoon’s unique concept your private and business customers will be supplied with the services you can’t deliver today. You will be able to reach out to completely new markets and business areas. 

Unique e-bike rental business 

You will become the very first company in your area providing a mix of internetconnected bikes (E-bikes and conventional bikes) that users can access around the clock. You now can supply your market with services like no other. You will be, as the Zsoon e-bike concept, unique!


You will access a large service portfolio for both public and commercial companies and private individuals. City Visitors and tourists will be provided with everything from guided tours and theme trips up to ten days. 

Increase your income
With Zsoon’s unique products and e-bikes
around the clock you can expect a real
income boost with an investments as for
conventional bikes.

Zsoon e-bike is the first e-bike with
warranties and shipped with a modular
system for all functional details ensures
few/no unwanted bike repairs.

How does it work?
First and for all, as e-bike rental company
you know that it’s important to have full
control of your operations.
Despite all “well programmed” app’s and
all so called user friendly solutions much
more is needed:

Zsoon is developed to give your customers
higher accessibility and provide you as
operator higher utilization, increased
productivity per employee but most
importantly more sales from markets and
customers that are unreachable today.
When it’s time for your customers to use
the e-bikes for their purposes the app will
be able to download from either App-store
or Google play. The app also can be
downloaded using QR-code.
After down load, the customer easily
register and logs in to get advantages from
the offerings you have for your customers.
Yo may have tailored a Guided city tour
or a Taste tour for use in your City. The
Guided and theme tours Zsoon
implements as ordered by you.
Or, you are focusing only on the basic
stuff and provide your customers with
‘Visitor Free’ meaning traditional e-bike
rental, Your decision! 

The choices are many – for all parties! Since you know your City as your own pocket we let you decide what will be “best fit” for your customers. To generate the smoothest and again – easy to use breath – Zsoon’s e-bikes are equipped with the gadgets the customers wants as phone chargers, pack box, helmets and baskets. 

Finally but not less important

 To get a complete service you may order a tailored home page from us – displaying pick-up points, City guided tours and other offerings to your customers. 

Welcome to our show room in Malmö 

Zsoon is the company that acts and are useful for the local society – around the world.