Zsoon Global - unique concept for e-bike rental

At last a real user friendly solution! Zsoon has namely made the e-bike intelligent

What is Zsoon?

Zsoon now has the very first e-bike adapted for commercial purposes.

The concept consists of the fact that the e-bike now has been given a digital platform providing you as operator to sell advertising, user experiences and services in a completely unique extent. 

Zsoon e-bikes are equipped with an app breathing user friendliness.

The app is the concepts ‘hub’ and is simple with a high security standard.

We are only using the most established players like Braintree which provide you as an operator to guarantee payment and ensures that your customers recieve their orders and paid services.

The app is today available for Android 4.0 and above. Apple iOS is in final testing

What do you get as an operator?

As an operator you are a part of Zsoon’s innovative concept that, among other things, will bring you the following: